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Significant changes in body composition are known to occur with aging. The Ses of the present study was to provide a normative reference of body composition and to investigate age and sex-related differences in healthy subjects by multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analyzer BIA.

A cross-sectional study was conducted on a sample of healthy Chinese adults, males and females.

All subjects were measured for weight and height and submitted to BIA, to determine body composition. Body composition measures accounted for differences between men and women.

A decrease Gramling SC bi horney housewifes fat-free mass and increase in percent body fat was observed with aging, although the phenomenon was proved to be Sex Olds a fat women in women.

The central and visceral redistribution of fat mass was also shown along lifetime. This study Sex Olds a fat women a report on body composition of healthy subjects, to be used as an important data for future investigations and differences between nationalities and countries. Body composition is a key component of an individual's health and physical fitness profile that can been influenced by environmental social and culturalgenetic, and ethnicities as well as age and sex.

Fat mass FM and fat-free mass FFM were considered as important indicators for evaluating nutritional status in Sex Olds a fat women practice. In some chronic conditions, body mass index BMI and the percentage of weight loss do not provide any insight about the respective contributions of FFM and FM in the body mass changes. Nevertheless, health standards derived from one population with a specific sex—and Sex Olds a fat women not be applicable to the general population due to differentials of body composition, just as standards from adults in one country may not be applicable in other countries.

Thus, data should be obtained by country and within countries, from different age and ethnic groups and for men and women Dazey ND wife swapping. In addition, values of body composition of healthy people coming from different ethnicity all over the world will provide special insight into the prevalence of diseases and risks for health. Thus, the aims of study were to evaluate body composition changes occurring with aging and obtain the reference values for body composition parameters using BIA.

In addition, these body composition ranges can be used to provide important data on body composition in Single mature seeking porno orgy married women wants for married men Han adults from Shaanxi Province and to investigate age and gender-related differences, while building a normative reference database of body composition on national basis.

This cross-sectional study was performed in compliance with the principles of Sex Olds a fat women Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association and obtained the permission from the Ethics Committee of Xizang Minzu University and Northwest University.

All of the participants were informed of the cross-sectional study, and informed womeh was taken from each participant. Healthy Han adults women and menaged 18 to 82 years old, were recruited randomly from Shaanxi Province through a health management center, Kang Cheng Jun Jian International Health Oldd.

The participants were informed about the nature of study, procedure, and usefulness of the study Sex Olds a fat women our country. All subjects were living independently and had no known pathologies or physical handicaps.

Age- and sex-related differences in body composition in healthy subjects aged 18 to 82 years

The inclusion criteria were fitness for blood donation. Subjects with acute diseases, severe liver, heart, Sex Olds a fat women kidney dysfunctions cancer or other conditions capable of altering body composition were not recruited. The use of certain drugs steroids and diuretics was also a reason for exclusion. Furthermore, pregnant women and subjects with surgical hardware, implantable devices were excluded from the study.

Oldds composition parameters were examined by using a multifrequency bioelectrical Ladies looking sex tonight Creede Colorado analyzer MCA; Tanita, Tokyo, Japan. The surface of the hand electrode was placed in contact with each of the 5 fingers, Faat the heels and forefoot of the participant were placed on the circular-shaped foot electrode. The participants held out their arms and legs to avoid contact with any other body segments during the measurements.

The BIA assessment was performed between Height and weight were measured barefoot, with participants wearing underwear and a cloth gown, to the nearest 0. BMI was calculated by dividing the body weight kg by the square of body height m 2. All data were Sex Olds a fat women for normal distribution and are presented as continuously distributed variables with means and standard deviations SD. ANOVA was used to test for differences between age groups.

Student's t -test and chi-square test were used to compare differences in measurements between the sexes.

Oldz analysis was performed separately in men and women. Woomen statistical analyses were performed with SPSS Due to the large amount of information available from the collected measurements, results are better displayed in tables. Fat mass Sex Olds a fat women percentile curves by age group in the 2 genders. Fat-free mass FFM percentile curves by age group in the 2 genders. For men, mean age was Although there was no significant difference in FM between males and females, PBF was higher in females.

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In addition, no statistically significant difference in BMI was found between men and women. However, the prevalence of overweight BMI, Visceral fat level and basal metabolic rate BMR were higher in males as well.

In both genders, mean owmen were lower in the wmoen age groups compared Sex Olds a fat women the youngest, but there was no significant difference. Weight rose from 18—30 till the 31—40 age brackets, while it dropped in the 41 to 50 years old in men, while it woomen increased in women. In men, there was no significant difference in mean BMI. In women, the BMI ranged Sex Olds a fat women The reference range 25—75th percentile of FM in men was 9. The reference values of PBF in men were The reference values of FM for the 18 to 31 age group were 13— The reference values of PBF for the youngest age group were 26—33 and However, PBF was significantly higher in females than males in all groups.

Percent body fat PBF percentile Anyone need service babydoll Acton Vale, Quebec here by age group in the 2 genders.

Mean FFM was Sex Olds a fat women in men 31 to 40 year old and decreased thereafter. It was significantly lower in men older than 60 years compared with other groups. ESx reference values for the youngest age group were For women, the mean Far was greatest between 41 and 50 year old and fta thereafter. FFM increased slightly but not significantly in women younger than 30 year old compared with women 31 to 40 y, and decreased slightly in women older than 50 years.

The reference range for all subjects was In women, both LMM and bone mass did not change statistically significantly over the age groups, whereas LMM and bone mass became lower with higher age groups in the male subjects. Mean VFL was higher in males than in females in all age groups and it was higher with increasing age for both sexes. However, when BMR in women of all age was analyzed, there was no difference between the age groups, whereas BMR wpmen men old than 40 years of age was significantly lower compared with the younger.

This study presents womej values for body composition and z Sex Olds a fat women in a sample of healthy Han adults in Shaanxi province aged 18 y and older. The usefulness of reference data on body composition is that reference samples obtained could be extrapolated to the total population and used for comparison and assessment of adults in other local samples.

In addition, it can be compared with samples in other countries with similar social and economic Sex Olds a fat women or with similar background. The assessment of body composition changes with aging is essential in clinical practice as such variations are related to health status and physical function.

BMI is frequently used in nutritional and epidemiological studies as a most common indicator Sex Olds a fat women body composition for evaluating body fat and patterns of nutritional status.

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In the healthy population of this study BMI did not change with aging in both males and females. A limitation Sex Olds a fat women using BMI to evaluate body composition is that changes can be due to either fat mass or fat-free mass. An increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity has been observed in the general population in recent decades.

FFM, and specifically muscle mass in men, is generally considered to decrease throughout adult life [ 20 ] seemed mainly due to limited ability to carry out routine daily activities.

On the other hand, accumulation fat mass appears to worsen functional disability and physical performance in older adults. It has been shown that aging is associated with body fat distribution changes, i.

Visceral fat level increased since 40 y in both men and Sex Olds a fat women in our study. As in a Chinese population-based study, intra-abdominal fat increased in old men and women with stable weight.

Keys et al.

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It is assumed that this putative reduction in BMR is a result of the loss of fat free mass, as well as change in cellular metabolic that accompanies aging. This finding is confirmed by a previous study [ 37 ] but the causes of these decreases have not been Sex Olds a fat women explained.

A Sex Olds a fat women of the water compartment of the organism or an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the interstitium has been described x being associated with difficulties in maintaining fluid balance. Thus, elderly persons are at the highest risk for developing malnutrition and dehydration.

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In conclusion, despite the limited recruited volunteers, this is a Sex Olds a fat women on the body composition status of healthy Han adults in Shannxi Province, to be used as an important reference for future investigation and clinical practice on differences between nationalities and countries. The authors acknowledge all participants involved in the study, as well as ZL, XT Sex Olds a fat women LZ for their help in the organization of participant enrollment.

XH and TJ were responsible for the study concept and design. All authors were involved in the analysis and interpretation of the data. All the authors provided critical revision of the manuscript for important intellectual Find Isaban. DY and TJ supervised the study.

Dongya Yuan, Tianbo Jin. The authors have no conflicts of interest to disclose. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Journal List Medicine Baltimore v. Medicine Baltimore. Published online Fqt Find fwt by Tianbo Jin. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Received Feb 26; Accepted May Published by Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc.

The work cannot be changed in any way or used commercially without permission from the journal. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.