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Fireman wanting fun with woman or couple

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Make FireRescue1 your homepage. Sometimes when I'm hanging out with my non-firefighting friends, I have to stop myself when talking about work because I realize I'm using terms they don't understand.

I'm not talking about big words I'm a firefighter; we don't use big, fancy words. I'm talking about slang terms used by only firefighters.

So for example, when we pull up to a house fire, we'd say, "Engine 30 stretchin' on a two flat going throughout. We stretched three times last night.

It means my company responded to three fires and stretched our lines on said fires. Jobs This seems to be more of an East Coast thing, though Fireman wanting fun with woman or couple heard it used occasionally around here.

A job Firemzn a fire. This means they went to four working fires. And it is usually said in some sort of cool accent. Pipe That's the hose.

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We also call it the line. It's almost never called a hose. Pipeman This term seems to be used only by inner city firefighters. Or to take it a step further, the person taking the pipe refer to 3 into the fire to extinguish it.

I said into the fire. Tip The nozzle. I haven't heard this used much in Detroit, but we used it at my old department. When you had the nozzle, you had the tip. That was always the question asked by the oncoming crew. Jake This one is kind of odd.

Firefighter Valentine's Day gifts for him and her - Fire Dept. Family

I have no idea where it actually comes from. I have read several definitions and they're all different. But, what it means here in Detroit is that you are a terrible firefighter. You do not want to be called a Jake here.

On the East Fireman wanting fun with woman or couple, it means you are a good firefighter. Again, in a cool accent, "That's a good Jake right there".

I don't have any clue why they are complete opposite depending on your location. Deckie In Detroit we call the firefighters on the back of the engine a deckie. Doin' it This one makes me laugh.

I don't even Fireman wanting fun with woman or couple know if it can actually be called a slang term, but between me and my buddies on the job, when we get a good stretch, or go to a good fire, we usually joke and say that we were "doin it". This comes from Backdraft. J's "She went off on J's. Redline A red, 1-inch diameter, hose line that puts out 60gpm.

Fireman wanting fun with woman or couple I Am Look For Sex Chat

Our engines and trucks have them. We use it on car fires, trash fires, and even sometimes on dwelling fires. It's on a reel so it is deployed and put away very quickly.

The job Firefighters refer to our job as "the job" because it is the only job. It's the best job.

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There are probably hundreds more. What slang terms did I leave out? What do you say in your department?

But that's what I can think of at the moment. Be safe brothers and sisters. More FireRescue1 Articles. Read more. More Stories You May Like. More Product news. More Featured Videos. Make FireRescue1 your homepage Open the tools menu in your browser. coiple

How to improve interagency relationships in public safety. Three steps to collaborative fire service leadership. Properly fitting gear promotes safety and equality.

Fireman wanting fun with woman or couple Search Real Sex

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Rapid Response: Firefighter decontamination challenges: Knowledge versus practice. How leading organizations put firefighter health and safety first. Random Acts inspires new generation of firefighters. Your weakest link: Topics Entertainment Articles.

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Email Print Comment. Uniform Stories with Uniform Stories Staff. By Scott Ziegler, FireRescue1 Contributor Sometimes when I'm hanging out with my non-firefighting friends, I have to stop myself when talking about work because I realize I'm using terms they don't understand.

Sexy Firefighter & Fireman Costumes -

Here are a few terms that we use: Firefighter with the "tip of the pipe" in slang terms. Truckie A firefighter assigned to a ladder company.

About the author Uniform Stories features a variety of contributors. These sources are experts and educators within their profession. Uniform Stories covers an array of subjects like field stories, entertaining anecdotes, and expert opinions.

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Smokey Bear gets digital makeover for 75th birthday. First responder LipSyncChallenge comes to television. NY restaurant opens as tribute to first responders. Backdraft 2 trailer released. Join the discussion.

You must enable Firemzn in your browser to view and post comments. FireRescue1 top 5 The ugly truth about firefighting the public doesn't understand Calif. Gawkers slowed fire department response More FireRescue1 Articles. Trending Reads. We Recommend Video: Latest Product News 10 firefighters hospitalized after fighting chemical company fire. NC county fire dept.

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